Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Life's little curveballs!

Life is throwing me some big curveballs almost all the time. Sometimes life misses and for those days I am happy. But those days when I'm not as sneaky, I usually get hit by one of those balls. Lately, I've been dodging but always seem hit right between the eyes with new ones.

The past few days I've been in so much pain, I could hardly move. I couldn't take the pain anymore so decided to just give up the fight of not going to the hospital and I went. I had blood drawn, and an IV, a pelvic exam and a catheder put in, they then proceeded to give me morphine and something for my nausea. All in all the referred me to a regular doctor and a gynecologist, for possible pcos or fibroids. So more money spent no real answers but then to go spend money im not making to pay to see a doctor and a gyno. I know, I know. Ive had this period for way to long.

I get so tired of non doctors telling me how to live my life and how to treat what i am going through. EXCUSE ME, did you graduate from med school have you been on your period for 2 FREAKING YEARS. NO so back off.

But ya more curve balls entail coming back to Kansas City to find out I'm not even allowed to see my sisters and brother. My mom is a fucking douche who is always kissing her abusive, molestor of a husbands ass. Do I hold grudges no not usually but i will hold this one. He abused me in everyway possible, and you mom you stick up for him.

But my life is no longer about her or my family. My life is about me and my husband Chris. He is my everything and everytime he smiles i smile. I love you baby.

I decided to continue with my orginal plan on going to college, but this time to major as a nurse and minor in photography ya i know a lot of schooling. I want to be the nurse in labor and delivery room...

Im on morphine and writing this... love you all... and hope i make since