Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another one passed...

As the end of May arises and June sets in, I find myself wanting change. Not like change due to money or anything. A change of scenery, a change of life, a change into becoming who I am. Chris(my husband) and I have been married a year, and still feed off our family and the drama they create. I want to be in a place where we just are us. Free to do what we do without being scolded as children.

We are not at all your typical people. We hate working jobs that are 9-5 m-f, we love exploring, driving, we love being creative, having fun, staying up late, sleeping in, we love listening to music, we love being together. When we arent together it feels like we are lost, and our days are not filled with happiness and joy. I think we create this love, peace, and happiness together, without the other it all seems pointless. We want to travel its all we talk about. We want to find jobs when we need it, not cuz we have to.

We have been talking about moving into a van, we hate paying so much in rent, when us ourselves are getting by not taking life and living it. I love doing art and would love to get more into my art, but i dont find big schools that promising and exciting. I am tired of being told what we should do to further our lives, especially for money. We dont need money to be happy. We want to live in a van travel doing odd and end jobs to get us around, life should be about happiness and tranquility how can you get that from stress, money, a house, and bills. We dont deal with stress well, and with every job we have had the stress always leads to us bickering, and not appreciating each other for each other.

The last few months without us working for a corporation but doing odd and end jobs we seem more content and happy. We havent had to fight or annoy the other. We havent had to strive for attention. We are one.

So to van dwelling we go and traveling we live for.