Friday, September 12, 2008

Possible Job Oppurtunity

So I applied at borders after walking into their store and saw the now hiring sign. I was expecting a seller/cashier position but that is not what they are looking for at the time. So they offered me the barista position. I have absolutely no experience with anything other than traditional coffee, with a touch of milk or soy and sugar. I told him this and he was perfectly fine with it adding We all start somewhere. So he set up an interview with me tomorrow at 4:30 I am both nervous and excited just cuz I can finally work without worrying about a period all the time.

Many of you may not know that I have had my period for two years and finally had some extra cash thanks for the stimulus check to go to the doctor. The just put me on birth control with ya helped regulate me but I havent felt at all like myself. I am trying to look into something to control my period but to no evail have I found it. If anybody reads this and knows a more natural approach please let me know!

Anyways back to the job I have only worked jobs that involve children, I suppose it will feel rather good to finally be around adults, and have more adult conversations. Other than my dear husband, who is waiting on how his interview monday went. If we both get jobs we will have enough to get out of her YAY!!!!


  1. Chris Harne said...

    I'd snap up that barista job like sheesh. That's the kind of thing that can train you how to do something that can get you jobs in other places. Free skillz. Sounds pretty relaxed.

  2. beautiful_hippie said...

    Ya that is how I feel especially if we end up in Seattle, it shall be pretty nice ya know? I am so excited plus its at a bookstore how much cooler can that get right?