Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My husband

I don't think I have formally told you about who I love the most in my life. My husband.

His name is Chris and is the cutest most loving man I know.

Chris and I have known of each other since 8th grade( I used to crush over him for like ever lol). We officially met in 9th grade during seminar during that year we had a few conversations usually started by him asking for some batteries for his CD player, seeing my art or simply just to chat. I moved away from the school for a year. During that year away I called him up one day and we would hang out at times. We had so many memorable moments at this time. My all time favorite was sitting out at my grandmothers farm looking up at the clear sky with the stars dancing around. He wasn't ready to commit to dating and I was still trying to figure myself out. So the day I graduated high school May 25th, we were over at my friends graduation party and he asked me out.

We were inseparable, he made me happy in ways no one could ever achieve. He listened, he loved, he cared, he understood. I moved in with him after 2 weeks of dating to get away from the abuse that was happening at my house. Some may say this is unhealthy but we grew stronger. I think maybe we have only spent the night apart a few weeks at most. A year went by and we faced our hardest time. My grandfather who was like my father passed away. I tried and tried to push Chris away but he stood by me in ways no one else did. He didn't leave me when others did. I know he tried so hard to be there and help me I just was not letting him in but when I tried to stop running and finally let him in it was so magical. A few months later we had just fought and were laying in bed together he asked me to marry him. I know most want men to be on their knee to profess their love but that isn't what I needed. I loved every moment of the way he proposed to me. I don't know how I could have risen from loosing my grandfather without Chris.

May 25th 2007 we got married exactly two years after we started dating. Maybe it was soon but it was right. We had a small wedding but it wasn't about the wedding it was more on the day knowing he and me were there, getting ready to share the rest of our lives with each other and that is all that counted.

Recently we went through another bad thing. When I finally had the courage to charge my stepfather for the sexual and physical abuse of me. Did Chris leave me when he found out I had been molested or other horrors of childhood came out. No, he held my hand and for that I am so grateful. I lost contact with my siblings over the charges, and Chris stood by me making me feel that its not my fault. When my mom accused me of breaking up her family he was by my side telling me that its not my fault. I love him so much.

I never dreamed of having such luck. Marrying my soul mate. Having a man that cared about me and didnt care who I was and actually loved me for my differences and flaws.

We can dance nerdy, talk funny, doing odd things and laugh at the end of it.

He is a gardener, he loves plants I swear once we get land he will take most of it and cover with vegetables and fruits, flowers, and different plants. But I am fine with it cuz I plan on taking the rest and doing herbs. Lol.

He loves music. His taste in music fluctuates. He has mainly good music taste and the others make me go ICK. But the same with me, I know he hates some of mine.

He is peaceful doesn't believe in the war. He really hates government and doesn't really understand the significance politics. I am not completely into politics but I do care what is going on like does he.

He is a hard worker. He would work 60 hour hard labor and go right back in just to make good money.

He is caring. He supports me trying to save every animal. He listens to me or anybody else when they are having a bad day. He loads me up with kisses.

He is great with children. I never seen someone so willing to work with kids, take them anywhere, make them laugh and am really kind with them.

He loves tattoos and piercing and supports me on choices about them.

He loves art, writing, some books, movies.

He loves comedy, horror, drama, action, adventure, and the occasional love story.

His smile lights up a room, its the first thing I look forward to in the morning.

There is so much more and I plan to revise this multiple times. Lol.
So far this is my husband, he loves me for me and I love him for him.