Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting closer...

My life has finally started climbing out of the hole I have dug for it. Pretty soon I will standing above the hole looking done, dusting myself off with a huge smile on my face. I will then turn away from that hole and start to walk, possibly even run. With everything finally coming together I just know we will finally hit our goal of leaving Kansas in a van with our dog, and travel. We plan on leaving Kansas behind near my birthday next year. With hopes of looking at the herbal schools we pass and finding one for me. Hopefully going back up to the northwest. Which in our time being up in Portland we have grown to love. We plan on taking our time through the southwest and up the west coast.

I finally got that job with Borders books, which I am addicted to by the way. I will be the lady who serves you your delicious coffee anyway you like it, with any pastry your heart desires. I orginally didn't apply for the barista position at all. I havent really worked with coffee, and usually too much gives me a headache. But I am willing to learn a trade that no matter where I go I can find a job similar. Also, what is nice about this job that is November I will also start training as a bookseller. So two good trades to have, bookselling and coffee making skills. I enjoy the job so far. There is a lot of training 32 hours worth plus you have to try all the coffees but that is ok. I have learned alot so far in the first 7 hours of training. A lot about where their coffee comes from, how it is grown, and how the roasting goes. Hopefully soon Chris also can find a job, so we will have more money to travel with and settle down somewhere. We plan to save his paychecks and half of mine, just so we have something to live on for the moment.

Things that are not working in our favor is the fact that the economy is in the poopers, and we have no vehicle and it will be awhile before we get a car. This makes it very hard to make sure we have some way for getting me to work.

In other news. My birthday was the 19th of this month and I had a wonderful day with my husband Chris. He took me to dinner and made a yummy cheesecake. A girl must indulge at some point. He also got me a book on herbs and how to grow them. I got a book from my grandma that I had been eyeing for a little while the book is The Earthwise Herbal: By Matthew Wood. Then that following weekend his cousin gave me a gift card to where else but borders so I went looking for Susan Weeds Healing Wise but couldnt find it at the store so I bought it online. It just finally arrived but I havent put it down yet, lol.

Chris I believe has decided not to go into pastry but to go for his true calling either botany or agriculture. He loves to be outside and garden and to learn new plants. So I believe it might be pretty good if we both work on similar but completely different career paths. I love this man.

So all in all the month of September has been kind to us, hopefully the month of October proves just as good.