Friday, May 23, 2008

Couch surfing

Will my life be always revolve around sleeping in somebodies basement, couch or spare room. Dont get me wrong I love to live with family.

Lately i find myself more drawn to traveling the u.s. mexico, or canada, no cares in the world no rent, no bills, except cell phone. Could i leave my brother and sister behind.

Im not sure if i really want to go to school is that life for me. I doubt it.

I want to travel find new places, meet new people, listen to their life stories.

Would Chris be up for the ride? Where would i start? Is it possible to do this?

I think its time for change. I find myself at a continuous battle of who i am, and what others expect. My body hates being one place for too long.

Ive become more intuned with my body over the last few years. I feel as though its time for me to change.

Ok so my couch surfing is become a bit of a habit first at chris's dad, then up in portland, and now at his moms i dont know if i can do the couch surfing but i love living nowhere but somewhere does that make sense.

I would love to live on a hippie commune for a while then move on to another. I want to be true to myself and this is the way i want it to be.


  1. Living the good life....together!! said...

    that is a really good it!! find yourself girl!!