Friday, July 18, 2008

Sunshine on my raining days

As the drama starts coming to a end. I feel the warmth of sunshine breaking through the stormy clouds. The wet ground around me starts to dry up and all I got is sunshine. I've finally had the strength to release all the negativity in my life and start grasping and breathing in the positive. The positive has been repressed for a very long time, I almost lost sight on what was so positive in my life. So has I start living the positive, I must also leave the drama here. So here it goes, I am leaving Kansas in a few months, to travel with the biggest positive in my life. My husband. I have been so lost in the negative, I have been drowning out my husband. So we are about to begin our journey to positivity, I can feel the warmth.

So as we begin to depart from couch surfing, we start planning our future. After the whole dramatic performance of my sister running away. We decide to put of having kids for at least 5 years, allowing us to be ourselves and doing what we love. Which brings me to our next plan. We have decided to buy a van and convert it into our home for as long as possible. This way being able to travel when we want, save money and pay of debt. We hate paying money for such large of space when we only use a third of it. All of our stuff fits in one room with so much space left over. We plan to travel the southwest during the winter and then work our way up through the west coast up to oregon during the spring. We love this idea so much and I can hardly wait to buy a van and make it a homey little well home. Something we can just drive for hours not worrying about a apartment. So we will become vandwellers in the next two months if everything pans out the way I want it to.

So look forward to more happy posts, and more journey's and detailed information on our vandwelling trials and much deserved happiness. I know it might be a difficult road but I have nothing but hope.

Cheers to a new beginnings. One we deserve